Endorsements are a great way to show your support.  Your thoughts can be publicized to encourage others to join in.  Have you spent time with, worked with, been on a team with, shared a laugh with, or have a short story to share about Kevin Kimple?  Please feel free to share your experience here.






Here is a sampling of what people have provided to date:


"He's an honest person and I feel that Kevin will be so good for our country and New Jersey. Read what he has to say.  He makes so much sense -- so do yourself a favor and give him a few minutes of your time and read what he has to say about the future of our country and New Jersey. The time will be well spent. He has a lot to offer New Jersey and promises to vote in the best interest of the country. Kevin Kimple is not just another option, he is offering a solution.  We need a change!"  Kay Scheider

"In all the years that I have known him, Kevin Kimple has been the keystone in whatever he has been involved with honesty, dignity and caring."  Arthur Steckler

"I've know Kevin since his days in high school and watched him grow into a hard-working man, a committed husband and father, a loyal teammate, and a kind and caring friend.  Kevin is always positive and he brings his full intellect and devotion to anything professional and personal that he takes on. A true privilege to be his friend."  Keith Wilcox

"Kevin embodies the virtues of integrity and trustworthiness.  He is one of the most honest and honorable people I have had the privilege to know.  I would support and trust him to make the correct decisions for our nation."  Stephanie Shine

"Worked with Kevin on a project for the New York City Department of Education.  He went out of his way to make sure that we created the best program possible for the students of New York City."  Barbara Erdman Lipner, Retired Director of Student Support Services

"If you want someone that wants what's right, then you want Kimple for US Senate."          Artie Hirsch

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