Negligent Career Politicians

Negligent Career Politicians

The last time Congress passed a budget was the 2007-2008 fiscal year.  Immigration laws in our country are seriously in need of improvement.  Healthcare costs are the number one reason for bankruptcy.  What are our elected officials in Washington doing to address these issues? The answer – waiting for the next election cycle.

Experiencing the Party of No under the previous administration and now the Party of Resist under the current administration is confirmation our elected officials are not performing their duty.  The constant finger pointing and My Party Good, Your Party Wrong identity politics between the Democrat and Republican members of Congress have reduced the level of collaboration to virtually zero.  This lack of working together has steered these two parties to only one solution.  Gain control by outnumbering the opposing party. They neglect their responsibilities while waiting for the next election to gain a majority in the legislative branch of our government.  This waiting game has caused damage to our society in numerous ways.  No budget being passed is a cause for over taxation.  No immigration reform laws being passed is creating an ever increasing problem month after month as more people enter our country illegally.  No solution to rising health care costs is a formula for less people having insurance coverage.  These are just three high profile examples of politicians failing to act.  Many other examples can be illustrated both at the individual level and at the group level, too many to list here.

This is nothing short of negligence under the guise of partisan gridlock.  Our elected officials are not held accountable for their lack of results during their tenure.  The general public is given both sides of the situation with the Democrat and Republican members all too willing to present their position but not willing to work towards a compromise and ultimately a solution.  These individual members are not evaluated based upon the products of the entire House or Senate because people are steered to believing each member is working towards a solution when in fact these members are only working towards a solution for their party.

Bob Menendez is one of these negligent politicians.  His voting record in the Senate is 97% party line.  Compromise is unknown to him and he consistently labels issues as being a “fight”.  People of New Jersey should not waste their vote on him.  Not only would voting for Menendez be an acceptance of corruption, it would also lead to the continuing gridlock and lack of solutions.

Since there is no accountability for Mr. Menendez the vulnerable time is re-election.  Huge amounts of money will be spent in his election campaign as a means to control the message, shed a negative shadow on opponents, and utilize negative media to fear monger the public into making a decision.  It is time to break the cycle of bi-partisan gridlock, limit the influence of the Democrat and Republican parties, and elect a candidate for the people who can work for country over party.  Vote for an Independent that has an urgency to solve problems and improve our society.  Elect Kevin Kimple to the US Senate.


Credibility matters.

Leadership is needed.

Kevin Kimple is not just another option, he is offering a solution.

Make it Simple – Vote Kimple

Posted on 22 Aug 2018, 21:06 - Category: Political Comment

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