Bob Menendez is Wrong for New Jersey

Bob Menendez is Wrong for New Jersey

The long list of reasons Bob Menendez should no longer represent New Jersey include admonishment by his peers, career politician content with his status, voting party line 97% of the time, and years of poor judgment and violation of Senate rules and standards of conduct.  These reasons have all be accepted and in complete disbelief, supported by his political party.  Putting those reasons aside the distinguishing reasons Mr. Menendez should not be re-elected are his lack of leadership and lack of trustworthiness character flaws.

Leadership is defined as creating an environment that allows people to succeed.  While Mr. Menendez has been in an elected public position for more than 40 years, New Jersey has moved to the bottom of the list in donor states and has remained there for decades.  Mr. Menendez has given priority to everyone but New Jersey citizens and has used them to further an agenda that only requires their tax revenue.  Think about your personal situation with respect to tax burden, healthcare costs, education loans, and standard of living.  Has the environment you have been living in improved under Mr. Menendez’s tenure in office?  Now think about future generations and if they would be able to succeed under the same governance?  Mr. Menendez has not only presided over the collapse of the middle class in New Jersey, he has been at the forefront guiding it.

Trustworthy is defined as being able to be relied on as honest or truthful.  The Senate Ethics Committee unanimously voted to admonish Mr. Menendez.  These peers have been working with Mr. Menendez for the past four to twelve years and found him to have violated multiple Senate rules more than half the time he has been in his Senate seat.  Allegations and investigations are abundant in Mr. Menendez’s political career including inappropriate office rental space in Union City, improper government relations consulting contracts at Jersey City Medical Center, illegal contributions amounting to nearly $100,000 from a major donor, and the most recent corruption charges that ended in the government failing to meet the burden of proof resulting in a mistrial.  Mr. Menendez’s priority has not been to the elected office he has been awarded but only to himself.  This is not a man to be trusted.

As the members of the Republican Party call for Mr. Menendez’s resignation, the members of the Democratic Party rally support and point the finger at Chris Christie and President Trump.  This is like someone that has robbed your house using the excuse that someone else has stolen your car therefore both are acceptable.  Mr. Menendez has finally made a public statement about his recent admonishment from his peers stating "My understanding of the rules at the time, I thought what we were doing was totally legitimate” and “I was wrong and we corrected it” are in fact admission of guilt.  He is asking the citizens of New Jersey to compare his judgment of helping victims of natural disasters to overlook his criminal behavior the Senate Ethics Committee has admonished him for.  Mr. Menendez is completely comfortable allowing the citizens of New Jersey to pass judgment on him and will accept the results from the upcoming mid-term election November 6th.  It is time for New Jersey to make a statement and remove this corrupt career politician from office.  He is not a leader and cannot be trusted.


Credibility matters.

Leadership is needed.

Kevin Kimple is not just another option, he is offering a solution.

Make it Simple – Vote Kimple

Posted on 14 May 2018, 20:57 - Category: Opposition Comment

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