Party Line Vote & Management by Fear

Party Line Vote & Management by Fear

What is the cause of Party Line voting in Congress? 

First realize the priority of our elected officials:

1.       Raise money for their respective political party.

2.       Get re-elected.

3.       Remain in favor of party leadership.

4.       Maintain ample polling numbers of voting constituents.

The top three priorities are not to the office they have been elected to.

This is due to the Management by Fear methodology imposed by the Democratic and Republican organizations.  Elected officials in DC are “required” to spend up to 30 hours per week fundraising.  Party leadership will threaten to run an opponent in upcoming primary elections and not provide funding to a re-election campaign.  These intimidation tactics keep rank and file members to vote as directed by party leadership.  This party line voting results in

·         higher taxes

·         inadequate health care for inflated costs

·         an increasing national debt

·         problems not being resolved (immigration reform, societal violence, degrading infrastructure to name some top issues)

·         and more burdensome troubles placed on our society

When a candidate wins an election they are elevated to a leadership role but our Democratic and Republican representatives in Washington relegate themselves to follow.  This is how we experience the Party of No under the previous administration and the Party of Resist under the current administration.


How do we end this party line voting cycle and re-align elected officials priorities you ask?  First, stop donating money to Democratic and Republican representatives.  Second, vote out incumbent candidates, specifically those in office long term.  Following these two steps will force a change for the better.

Credibility matters.

Leadership is needed.

Kevin Kimple is not just another option, he is offering a solution.

          Make it Simple – Vote Kimple

Posted on 04 Apr 2018, 23:53 - Category: Political Comment

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