Political Dysfunction

The decades long bi-partisan battle has mutated into congressional dysfunction.  The dysfunction in our political system has become so severe that we are politically numb. Our expectations are so low and our experiences are so bad that everything is now acceptable.  The results of this ongoing battle are:

·         Severe lack of leadership

·         Historical low approval ratings for our Congress

·         Public disrespect of public office

·         Despised voters

·         Little or no legislation that benefits our society

·         More than 2/3 of Americans are not satisfied on how the country is being governed

The Republican Party has established theirs as the party of conservatism, but not the party of conservative solutions. The Democratic Party is out of touch with people, referred to as the party of the rich elitist.  Power and their respective agendas they hope to push forward with that power are all that matter to them.

It has been a long time since either party have presented themselves as problem-solvers.


While it is true that America is a very divided country, the nation is far less divided over ideas than it is over parties.

Credibility matters.

Leadership is needed.

Kevin Kimple is not just another option, he is offering a solution.

Together we can bring this dysfunction to an end.

          Make it Simple – Vote Kimple

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Reasonable Steps to Improve Immigration

While the United States welcomes and encourages immigration we must accept the fact that illegal immigration is an issue in our country today.  Elected officials have identified this issue for decades but have not implemented any solution.   As the ideological extremes put forth impractical solutions such as abolish ICE or build a 2,000 mile wall, our country deserves an improved immigration system. 

Immigration is good for our country.  There is no doubt to this.  At the same time Illegal immigration is not.  The problem simply put is that too many people are attempting to cross our border illegally.  From a logical standpoint there are two ways to reduce illegal immigration.  First, improve the legal immigration process and second reduce the number of people crossing the border illegally.  Addressing these two components will funnel more people that desire to enter our country to do so as legal immigrants.

Increasing legal immigration requires revamping the legal immigration process; this is long overdue.  Enhancements to the process for people coming into our country should take four factors into consideration:

1.       They obey our law

2.       They are willing to work

3.       They respect our Constitution and our culture

4.       They pay taxes

Using the above criteria implementing solutions would include new laws, reducing the duration to becoming a green card holder, and requiring employers to benefit from a stabilized workforce.  If people coming to our country decide not to follow the above criteria then they would be sent back to their country of origin.

To reduce the number of people crossing the border illegally our enforcement efforts should be concentrated on the major contributors of illegal immigration – drug trafficking, human trafficking, and terrorist infiltration.  To tackle these we should follow the age old adage, follow the money.  The money in this case is known as Remittances.  Remittances are a portion of migrant workers and immigrants earnings being sent to their families in their country of origin.  Remittances from the United States amounted to $56.3 Billion in 2015.  These included formal or informal channels.  Since the September 11th terrorist attacks, the informal money transfers are believed to be the primary methods that terrorist organizations and drug cartels receive funding.

Concentration by law enforcement on the informal methods of remittances would reduce the funding and ultimately reduce the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border. 

As the far right and far left make propositions that ramp up people’s emotions, their proposals will not solve the problem at hand.  Immigration policy is another area where Democratic and Republican lawmakers seem more interested in opposing each other rather than finding common ground to solve the issue. If they truly had compassion for either immigrants or American citizens, they’d work together to implement solutions that address the legitimate concerns of people.

Complete elimination of illegal immigration is not a realistic goal but reducing and limiting illegal immigration as much as possible is obtainable.  Realistic solutions to reposition our country include improvements to our legal process which are based upon agreed criteria and law enforcement focus on the major causes to illegal immigration.  The people of the United States demand and deserve a reasonable solution to this problem.


Credibility matters.

Leadership is needed.

Kevin Kimple is not just another option, he is offering a solution.

          Make it Simple – Vote Kimple

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New Jersey’s Primary Election

How many of us voted in the NJ Primary Election?  Just 637,534 which is only 11% of the total number of register voters.  New Jersey holds a “closed” primary election meaning only register Democrats and Republicans are eligible to vote but you can declare affiliation with them the day of the primary.  5,190,313 registered voters chose not to participate.  The one out of 10 people that cast their vote in the recent Primary have decided to offer voters statewide the lesser of two evils.  Your vote in November is important to show that New Jersey cares and the 89% of us that are not part of the Primary Election do matter in selecting our U.S. Senator.

The extremely low voter turnout illustrates a total lack of confidence in candidates.  The closed primary gives each political party the benefit of attracting only those voters that support a candidate, votes are not cast against someone.  Your vote will make more of a difference this November with a lack of faith in the Democratic and Republican candidates.

Lastly, the cost of New Jersey’s primary election is placed on NJ Taxpayers to the tune of $12 million.  Over $5.4 million for poll workers’ salaries and over $6.5 million ballot printing, postage, advertising, polling-place rental, and voting machine delivery.  The private organizations known as the Democratic and Republican parties have passed the cost of their closed election on to the taxpayers.  The majority of us were not part of the primary but we’ll still be paying for it.  What did you get for $12 million? 

It’s time for New Jersey to jettison the headlock placed on us by the dysfunctional political parties.  Your vote counts but only when you go into the voting booth.  Don’t let the political parties decide for you, your vote can and will make a difference on November 6th.


Credibility matters.

Leadership is needed.

Kevin Kimple is not just another option, he is offering a solution.

      Make it Simple – Vote Kimple

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$1.3 Trillion Budget

The budget was passed by the House and Senate, signed into law by the President.  Our children and grandchildren are in debt!

How is it that the Democrats and Republicans cannot agree to approve legislation for health care, DACA, any type of gun measures, or issues that are of high importance to our society but when it comes to budgeting they come together quickly and pass an over-the-top fiscal budget that mortgages our children’s future? 

When it comes to spending money, especially in an election year, the two parties will help themselves get re-elected.  The Members of Congress did not even bother to read the 2,232 pages in the bill.  They voted on it and hightailed it out of DC to avoid the most recent March on Washington.  No other legislation will be passed this year.  The Members of Congress will be concentrating on their re-election efforts back home where they will tout a victory for some portion of this $1.3 Trillion Budget.

What won’t be highlighted by the individuals seeking re-election are items that are beyond comprehension, such as

-          $985 Billion Deficit to add to our National Debt

-          Funding for other countries’ border security, not the U.S. border

-          Pay increases for congressional staff

-          $363 Billion just on interest for the national debt

I’m sure there are more line items that will make you ask – Why? 

This deal making on spending money will cost our American way of life in the manner of slower economic growth due to the nearly $20 Trillion debt, higher inflation, and a weaker dollar.

Congress is not doing its job and has used continuing resolutions, CRs, to fund the government.  This last minute stopgap process not only shuts down the government but has also avoided the entire appropriation process where proper discussion and debate formulate the government spending budget.

Are the Members of Congress too busy to properly discuss and debate what the government should spend money on?  Have these elected officials placed a higher priority on their re-election over what they are actually elected to do?

Get prepared to vote this November.  Find out where your elected official voted on increasing the deficit, of those Senators up for re-election just under 75% voted YES!

Kevin Kimple is not beholden to any political party and will not be bound by a private organization’s agenda.

Credibility matters.

Leadership is needed.

Kevin Kimple is not just another option, he is offering a solution.

          Make it Simple – Vote Kimple

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