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Fundamentals to improve Congress:

  • Prioritize People First versus Congress’ current  Party First arrogance
  • Lead By Example versus Congress’ current  Management By Fear approach
  • Vote Sensibly versus Congress’ current  Party Line Voting practice

Implementing these tenets will induce our elected officials to work for the citizens of our great country.  This simple plan can be started with one individual.  New Jersey has the opportunity to put that person in place this November.  Make It Simple – Vote Kimple.  He will make sure people are the priority.  He will lead by example.  He will vote sensibly on legislation.

New Jersey’s strategic location between the capital Philadelphia and the major port of New York enabled New Jersey to play a pivotal role in gaining our country’s independence.  Major battles were fought and won on our soil.  General Washington trained his army and endured hard winters here.  New Jersey was the third state to ratify the new U.S. Constitution and thereby join the Union.  New Jersey can lead once again and show the country how to Make It Simple, changing Congress to work for the people.

Considerable lack of confidence, distrust of Congress, extremely low approval ratings, constant gridlock, low integrity, lack of ethical standards, and party line voting have created a lack of leadership.  This leadership void is doing harm to the people of New Jersey in the form of a degrading infrastructure, fiscal irresponsibility, and security & safety concerns.  These hardships will force future generations to bear the burden of resolving today’s problems.

Delivering a speech
on the deck of the
USS Missouri

Witnessing the failure of our elected officials and the downward spiral of the two party system, Kevin can no longer sit back but must act.  Our founding fathers envisioned elected officials to step up and serve for a limited time.  Self-serving career politicians and the private organizations known as the Democratic and Republican “parties” have commandeered our governing institutions to the detriment of the people.  The polarized political gridlock has now turned to dysfunction with no solutions being implemented to improve our society. 

Genuine leadership is required to turn dysfunction into meaningful solutions.  Smart solutions in Washington can be found, created, and developed.  Kevin Kimple can provide the leadership needed to move Congress back towards serving the people, providing a supportive environment for growth, creating a secure society, and instilling confidence that our government is, again, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Kevin Kimple is seeking to become your public official, not a political figure.  Not being bound by a political party agenda but illustrating leadership by setting the example to solve the problems in today’s society with analytical troubleshooting, planning, and fiscal responsibility for the future.  New Jersey can lead the country once again by showing how to break the restraints of the private organizations that have taken control of our legislative branch of the government. 

Make It Simple – Vote Kimple for U.S. Senate.

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